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My Favorite Stretches + Yoga moves

My muscles have been very tight and “heavy” feeling lately. When I get to this point, I am usually tired, which is a result of over training and not enough resting! We are all sometimes guilty, including myself, of skipping the stretching/recovery days, because we are all about the intensity of the workout…”No Pain, No…… Continue reading My Favorite Stretches + Yoga moves

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Zangy Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

  This warm sunny day has me craving foods that nourish my body, but do not weigh me down! I hope all you ‘Zeph’s Gym friends’, that sampled this salad enjoyed it and please feel free to give me your feedback when you bring my jar back.. hint, hint! 😉 Get to choppin’ ! Prep: 20…… Continue reading Zangy Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

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Almond Butter + Banana Protein Bites

These “on-the-go” snacks are perfect for post-workouts. Let’s say you have to run a few errands after you workout and it will probably be another hour or more before you can get some protein in your body-which is VERY important for your muscles after you workout. These yummy little guys can help carry you over…… Continue reading Almond Butter + Banana Protein Bites