I live in Rockport, TX where I was raised most of my life. I absolutely love the Gulf Coast of Mexico and love my small little fishing town! I did venture off for college, where I studied Agricultural Economics- Finance & Real Estate….. I know, you’re thinking what the heck do you do with that and how did you choose that? That’s a whole different conversation!

I am currently a certified Group Trainer and Tabata Bootcamp trainer, and have been enjoying Crossfit for 6+ years. Sports and just being active in general, was always a big part of my life since I was a little girl, but just recently I fell in love with food! I don’t mean pizza, donuts, tacos (just kidding-love tacos), I mean “real whole foods” like vegetables, meat, and healthy fats.

After college, I lived in a couple of different towns within Texas, but they never felt like home. As a result of an unfortunate event in my life, I moved back home, because I needed family and it was home-home makes everything better! During this time away from Rockport, I developed an unhealthy lifestyle (college days) and also created a new healthy lifestyle! This new healthy lifestyle is a result of being introduced to the Paleo Diet and the Whole 30 program.  It has been life changing for me! My new lifestyle entails being passionate about moving, mental health, and REAL WHOLE food!

I can honestly say, I am the most happiest and healthiest today than I have ever been, and I want to share this new found freedom with you!