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Shredded Pork Jicama Tacos and Plantain Tostones

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Roasted Delicata Squash and Stone-Ground Mustard Sauce

Friends! Get ready to be amazed by the flavor this dish brings and it requires no effort at all! In the title, I headlined the Delicata Squash and Stone Ground Mustard Sauce, because they steal the show! I did stuff the squash with some leftover pulled pork from my “Shredded Pork Jicama Tacos” recipe, but… Continue reading Roasted Delicata Squash and Stone-Ground Mustard Sauce


Easy Guacamole with Plantain Chips

So, every month my office has a luncheon for birthday’s and today’s theme was something ‘green’, because of St. Patrick’s Day! I was super excited, because this meant I had a reason to bring guacamole and my faaaavvoooooooorite, plantain chips! Yes, I am making this at my desk. I pre-cut all of the ingredients, except… Continue reading Easy Guacamole with Plantain Chips

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Tex-Mex Beef Plantain Pie

  I came up with this recipe after eating some delicious shepherd’s pie. I wanted a pie or casserole that was as “comforting” as shepherd’s pie, but wanted something a little spicy. I love spicy foods! That’s when I started brain storming and collaborated a shepherd’s pie and beef plantain pie. I recommend using a… Continue reading Tex-Mex Beef Plantain Pie