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Strict Pull-Ups Work

There’s been a request to add more fitness posts! 🙂 So I’m sharing one of my workouts that I did at home this week!  I love working on my strict pull ups, because I can actually do them now! For this workout I combined some core work, squats, and running!

If you’re still struggling on mastering the strict pull-ups, you can do jump pull-ups or the flex arm hang hold, which is jumping up where your chin is above the bar and holding it there for as long as possible! When you feel yourself starting to give, keep fighting it the whole way down. Your chin drops under the bar?..that’s fine keep flexing and holding!

Check out my Instagram account to see a video clip on the pull-ups and Brazilian Crunches.

Strict Pull-Up Combo:

Buy in- 1 mile run (not all out, but a fast steady past)

30 Strict Pull-ups – every time you break you transition between 10 air squats and 10 Brazilian Crunches.

* For example, I only got 4 strict pull-ups in a row. So, I stopped and did 10 air squats. I got back to the Pull-ups and did 4 more then stopped and went to 10 Brazilian crunches!

Buy out- 1 mile run (faster!)

This took me about 30 minutes with a 7:30-8 mile pace.

Be Positive, Fearless, and Enlightened Friends! ❤

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