About the Blog


I first want to touch on the title of the blog, “Enlightened Living”, specifically the word “Enlightened”. Cambridge University defines “enlightened” as “showing understand and wisdom in dealing with others”. As well as “open to new ideas and facts”. The last definition is what really spoke to me. I was open to new changes that challenged my life, which have led to life changing habits and happiness.

I wanted to choose a title that would not limit my vision to one specific area, like fitness or food. Over the years, I have grown from many experiences regarding my physical health, mental health, and food; that have gotten me to my current state today!  My vision for the blog is to be insightful, fun, positive and fearless and some occasional food porn! 🙂

I initially struggled with using the word ‘enlightened’, because I felt ‘unworthy’ of this word. Like, I didn’t have any insight to share, because I am young, and therefore cannot have anything to share! Imposter! Then I realized, that this is a goal of mine, something I have been wanting to do, and I have lots to share-some may be nonsense! This fear of negative feedback is inevitable and I refuse to let it slow me down. (I have been reading a great book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***” by Mark Manson, which has helped with this mindset!-that will be a later blog post.)

So, here I am sharing all my experiences in life, including trial and errors that came with it, and some other fun feature’s like recipes, fitness, and mental healing! I hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to reciprocate the insight and “Enlighten Sam”!


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