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Recovering from my first Crossfit Open- A message to ALL athletes!

Even though I have been practicing Crossfit for many years, I did not participate in the opens. I actually never watched them till this year! Of course, I would catch glimpses of the Crossfit Games, but that was about it.- For multiple reasons, I didn’t participate in the past years. So, like many “first-timers”, I was super anxious and scared at the same time! Finally, the first open announcement arrived and released the first workout, which is known as “17.1”. First of all, this workout was super deceiving! I thought the 15 burpees would be my saving grace and they most definitely were not! Eventually, I finished with a time of 17:10, which I was disappointed with, and collapsed on my box.

Side note: my competitive side has been unleashed along with the Crossfit Open. Following the 17.1 workout on Friday, I religiously watched Instagram and Facebook to see other people’s times, which consisted of strangers/people I knew. I found myself measuring my performance to theirs, and maybe some judgement. Okay, there was a combination of self-doubt and judgement.  This is most definitely not an attractive trait, and will most DEFINITELY be another conversation, but that isn’t the message I am trying to share right now. This measuring of other people’s performance created a week of exhaustion and running my body to the ground!

I completed the 17.1 workout at 5 am the following Friday, which is my usual workout time, so an early morning workout was not the result of my never-ending exhaustion. I was so exhausted, I couldn’t focus at work and made multiple mistakes. I think I even fell asleep for like 2 minutes with my eyes open! 😉   No Joke- it felt like I was coming down with a cold! My body and mind had reached capacity. This should have been a big sign that I needed to have a little R&R time (rest & recovery), but it was Friday (aka weekend festivities) and that wasn’t an option!

Normally, I am really good about being aware of my body and giving myself the permission to rest, but it was Friday and my competitiveness was unleashed! So, I woke up Saturday morning expecting to follow my normal weekend routine- morning workout, followed by non-stop errands/activities, some type of social gathering, church, meal prep, cleaning, more meal prep, meal prep, and……..more meal prep. You could probably guess correctly that come Monday morning, I was on another level of exhaustion! Actually, this lasted all throughout the week. I was super cranky and my body felt like I had been hit by a bus! I completely ignored the signs my body and mind were telling me, which were “your muscles have been pushed very hard so slow it down and sleep”!  “Or, you’re going to regret it and suffer all week!” I chose the latter and dealt with my fair share of regret.

So my message to all you athletes is:

  1. Slow down
  2. Rest
  3. Stretch
  4. Then rest some more

My busy week would have been much more manageable/enjoyable, if I just spent some time that Saturday or Sunday resting and stretching! When I say resting, I don’t mean you need to go take a nap all day (but if you want to and you can- that’s awesome, do it!) I am talking about “scaling” it back that weekend, slow your routine down. Lower the expectation of the weekend! Take this as an opportunity to maybe pamper yourself, get a pedicure, back massage, facial, etc.

I am trying this advise out for 17.2 and looking forward to it! I know that my physical and mental state will be much more “livelier”, if I just take some time following the workout to relax! There isn’t an allotted “resting” time, it really depends on what your body needs. So, listen to your body and learn from my stubborn mistake to not silence the signs. Trust me, I paid for it allllll week-long.

So tonight, I have set aside some time that requires nothing to strenuous. Following the 17.2 workout, I have decided to spend my night staying in, stretching, and a little facial/hair maintenance.


I challenge you all to squeeze in some “resting” time this weekend. What will you do?

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