Pork & Poultry

Quick & Simple Shredded Chicken

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you all a quick “How-to” on making quick and easy shredded chicken. I will be posting some recipes that use this throughout the week. So go ahead and make a few pounds! You can store it in your fridge and always grab from when you need a quick dose of protein!

Anyways, let’s get started so we can get to the good stuff- My other recipes 🙂


  • 2 pounds of organic, free-range, antibiotic free chicken breasts
  • Water… (that’s it….seriously)


Grab a large pot and fill it up with just enough water to immerse the chicken in. You do not want to fill it up anymore than you really need, because this will slow down the time it takes to reach boiling. Bring the water to a boil first, takes about 8 minutes for me. Once the water has reached it’s boiling point, gently dip the chicken in the water and lower the heat from high to medium-high. You want the water to be somewhere in between simmering-boiling. Let the chicken boil for about 13 minutes, or until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

Pour the water out and allow it to cool for about 5 minutes. Now, the shredding- if touching chicken grosses you out, you can shred the chicken apart using two forks and pulling them away from each other. If it doesn’t I recommend just using your hands. This is much easier and faster- just do it, get dirty! Then, store the shredded chicken in a dish that will seal the freshness and refrigerate for later use……or you can jump straight into my Chicken Jicama Salad that can be found on my blog! 😉

Happy Shredding!

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