Workout 2.21.17

I’m super excited to be leading the 6:15 ABC class every Monday & Wednesday at Zeph’s Gym! This class offers a workout that isn’t focused on the barbell and weights, but instead focuses on the fundamental movements mixed with some Tabata, circuit training, and high intensity interval training! This is a great class for all fitness levels! It allows more “experienced” people to test their endurance, along with adding weight if desired, and very appealing to “newbies”, or people who are jumping back into the fitness life, because a lot of the movements are basic with a lot of body weight workouts.

I had yesterday’s class do the below workout after their warm-up and everyone agreed that this one was good, but came with a powerful punch! I think you will enjoy this workout, because it requires just a kettlebell and is a pretty fast workout. Try it out:

5 X For Time:

20 Goblet Squats (using a light-medium KB)

15 Kettlebell Swings (using the same KB)

100 meter sprint **

THEN 3 x:

30 seconds of Russian Twists

20 seconds of Hollow Hold

10 seconds of V-ups

(the 30-20-10 is completed with no rests in between)

** If you’re at a place where you can’t jump on a treadmill or go outside, sub. for 12 Tuck Jumps over your KB. On the Tuck Jumps, you want your knees as close to your chest as possible. If jumping isn’t your thing, do 10 Burpee walk-overs using the kettlebell.

Now get to moving!


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